About Fundimig

Fundimig is a Brazilian company specialized in the production and machining of gray and nodular iron castings. It has been operating for more than 30 years in the national and international markets with an installed production capacity of 3,500 tons / month, with two production units.

Over the years Fundimig has successfully added diversification to its product line. Working in the manufacture of castings for the most varied branches of the market, it stands out in the segment of automotive parts served with the TRUCKMIG product line.

Among the main items developed by the company, the following sectors stand out:
  • Automotive commercial vehicles: trucks, buses and carts;
  • Agricultural: tractors and harvesters;
  • Industrial: electric motors, generators, parts for machines in general, etc.
  • Truckmig: A Fundimig’s brand. Quality and competitiveness in auto parts.


Develop reliable solutions that add value to the customer, produce and deliver cast and machined products within the quality standards required by the market, at the lowest possible cost, practicing total quality management, ensuring the safety of the company’s team and assets, ethics and social responsibility, to exceed the expectations of customers, shareholders, employees and society.


We will be a global and differentiated company that complies with the guidelines and achieves its goals, generating a minimum Operating Result of 17% in 2016 and a 15% annual revenue growth, from January 2016 to December 2018.

We will get there, through the satisfaction and continuous qualification of the team and with applied management methodology, with constant focus on results and that guarantees the sustainable growth of the company.

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