To raise awareness among employees, third parties and suppliers about Fundimig’s Corporate Responsibility Policy and to encourage the integrity of all staff, in a manner that is ethical and educated in its work environment, in order to contribute to the improvement of citizenship where Fundimig is inserted.

One of the foundations for sustainability and business success is having integrity and transparency in business practice.

Companies are expected to act honestly and impartially throughout the business chain (customers and suppliers) and to act in accordance with applicable laws, including the Code of Conduct, Anti-Corruption / Anti-Bribery, Anti-competitive Practices and Interest conflicts


It is up to all the employees of this company, regardless of the situation lived or the hierarchical position, to always act with transparency and education, respecting the individualities and fulfilling the commitments, in order to guarantee the mutual trust.


Fundimig does not permitted to carry out any commercial / financial transaction or undue trading, under promise or receipt of any advantage such as money, gift, discount, contribution, loan, fee or reward, with any person or commercial / financial entity, as an incentive to act dishonestly or illegally. These acts are considered totally incorrect and if practiced can lead to penalties provided by law.


By doing business with Fundimig or doing business on your behalf, the supplier, customer or other partners may, for legitimate business purposes:
(i) offer gifts or entertainment to suppliers, customers or other business partners, or
(ii) accept gifts or entertainment offered by suppliers, customers or other business partners, provided, however, the gift or entertainment:
✓ Do not be illegal or violate this Policy;
✓ Do not be bribery, kickback or other illegal payment;
✓ Do not be given in exchange for any favor;
✓ Do not cause embarrassment to Fundimig or to the present, if it is to be made public;
✓ Do not create the impression (or a real or implicit obligation) that the donor is entitled to preferential treatment, business award, better prices or better conditions of sale.


It is permitted to give or receive promotional gifts for evidence of the mark represented by the person who is offering without the connotation of influence exerted in the judgment or in the decisions of the one who received them and that can be publicly disclosed without causing embarrassment and embarrassment to Fundimig or to those who received. Any gift can not affect the impartiality of the relationships between the parties and must be tied to institutional marketing actions in accordance with applicable law.

Any gifts, due to its habitual nature, characteristic or circumstance, may be interpreted by someone as having been made with the intention of affecting the impartial criterion of the recipient, should be refused and brought to the knowledge of Fundimig’s People Management department.


In the event of failure or non-compliance with the guidelines set forth in this Corporate Responsibility Policy, those responsible shall be notified, as follows:

Action Level
✓ 1st Level: Direction
Act in cases of failure / noncompliance with more serious conduct involving leadership and positions of trust. If necessary, the Management can also be activated in other cases.
✓ 2nd Level: Head Department
Act in cases of failure / noncompliance with conduct identified at the departmental level.
✓ 3rd Level: Leader of Sector (Production)
Drive in cases of failure / noncompliance with conduct identified on the factory floor.

✓ The disconcerting to the deed, when the occurrence of facts deserve speech, causes the subordinate to the immediate superior and so on, and / or;

✓ If the immediate superior can not resolve the case, the subordinate may jump to the hierarchy and report to the superior of his immediate superior and / or;

✓ The donation can be made directly to the People Management sector.


The protection of the whistleblower’s identity will be kept under reserve if he so desires.


It is expected that all employees, especially company leaders, will monitor compliance with this Policy. Failures and noncompliance with the conduct provided herein will subject its authors to disciplinary measures and / or penalties, according to severity.

This Corporate Responsibility Policy applies to all employees, suppliers and other business partners.

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